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Tell Your Story

Discover how to find the golden threads in your story with my FREE Story Workbook.

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Story Coaching

Let’s find the golden threads of your story

What is story coaching?

Story Coaching takes you from bewildered and uncertain to clear and confident in just 3 weeks. I’ll help you create a captivating story you’ll feel proud to share on stage, online and in person.

This online 1:1 program takes you through the Story Mountain Technique and Re-Framing Exercises to find the Overarching Themes in your narrative.

Why choose Story Coaching?

Story Coaching helps to tease out your story, because, let’s face it, it can feel like a tangled mess! When you work with me, l tune-in, listen and find the golden threads that make it whole, cohesive and clear.

Discover how to map your story

Find a place to begin

Looks for the little things (that set big things in motion)

Reflect on your learnings and values

Get clear on your why


“Expanded My Thinking”

Lisa has helped me think about myself, what I do and how I do it in such a different way. She’s expanded my thinking, just through talking to me she’s drawn ideas out of me that I hadn’t thought of before. Each week I look forward to our Zoom calls, and I get off each call thinking WOW I love that!”

Robyn Hoffman


“Lisa has a superpower!”

Lisa can listen to you ramble on for 20 minutes trying your best to explain what’s in your head and then before you can blink, she succinctly rewords everything so well that you find yourself saying, “Yes, that’s what I meant!” and it sounds so damn good that you want to sign up to your own sales page!

Alicia Menkveld

Productivity Coach & Speaker

“Absolutely Inspiring”

Thank you for the absolutely inspiring Skype consultation today, Lisa! Being a niche start-up and on my own for now, it was very important to me to get on the right track and figure out what to focus my time on. I love the ideas you gave me and the kindest encouragement and support. Coming back for more.

Mariana Kirova

Eco Fashion Designer

About Me

I help entrepreneurs create change, find their story and build confidence to be true and present in their marketing messages.

What may surprise you is that my entrepreneurial journey began on a remote dirt road in outback Australia 4 years ago.

At 42 I’d been a nurse, a teacher and a stay at home Mum. But after moving half-way round the world, I found myself restless and looking for more.

I opted for adventure, left teaching and spent 3 months travelling, but 15, 000Km later I was at the same crossroads…

Return to teaching or start again?

I’d gone into teaching to ‘settle down’ and find my job-for-life, but on the road I’d rediscovered my first love – writing.

There was no going back…

With no plan, no business sense and no money, I jumped in!

I have followed my desire to seek the truth from within, light the way for others and lead with love. Business has tested me, from owning who I am to discovering what I stand for, it’s been a journey of transformation, from copywriter to coach.

So, what do I believe now and always?

Words can change your world.

And it’s my gift to tune in, listen and find your true message. In coaching, teaching and writing, I help you find the words that bring confidence and clarity to your work and create positive change in the lives of others.

This is the work I was born to do.

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Your voice matters!

Light up your messaging with the power of story.

I help solopreneurs, creative professionals and speakers to unlock their story, articulate their true value and become a leading voice for their tribe.

Why does your story matter?

Because your way of thinking, seeing and being is unique to you! And in a noisy online world it’s the secret sauce that creates compelling and captivating communication.

Let me help you shine,

contact me today.