The Launch Success Coach

Supporting women in business to claim their expertise, niche with confidence and create the course that’s in their heart.

5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Business Online

If you’re a service based business with 1:1 clients then here are 5 simple ideas to help you scale online  

Courses that Connect

If you want to create an online course but don’t know where to start, then Courses that Connect is perfect for you. 

The Launch Success Coach

Unleash your inner teacher with the course creator’s bestie by your side and grow and scale your business online.

5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Business Online

If you’re a service based business with 1:1 clients then here are 5 simple ideas to help you scale online  

Course Creator's Kick Starter Session

Got a course in your head but don’t know where to start creating? Book a Launch Kick-Starter sesion to get traction.

In case we haven’t met…

I’m Lisa,

Copy coach, educator and messaging specialist who believes the world needs your online course.

You’re an expert in your field delivering premium 1:1 services with passion, integrity and purpose. Your clients love you and your word of mouth reputation has you booked months in advance, but, the vision you have is bigger than this.

You want to reach more people, share your knowledge and make a lasting impact on a global stage. You dream of speaking, publishing and building a business that drives change in the world.

But…your knowledge is locked away in your head and you’re only touching a tiny number of lives with your 1:1 work. You need a new model of delivery so you can grow and scale without burning out.

You’re ready to take the next step, unpack your ideas and work with an education + messaging specialist who’ll bring your online course to life.


Are you ready to create your first online course?

Do you want to reach more people online?

Are you expanding from 1:1 to one to many ?

Have you created a course but struggle express the value you offer?

Are you stuck perfecting your course and never launching?

Course Creation Kick Starter

Want to map out your course idea?

This power packed 3 hour session is ideal to get you started on your course creation journey. 

Course Launch Coaching

Want to get your course launched?

This 8 week program guides you strategically towards a successful course launch.

Launch Intensive

Need copywriting help with your launch?

If you’re up levelling your launch and need a launch copywriter in your business for a day, then this is for you. 


“Insight on launching”

I’ve been working with Lisa as I prepare for my launch. She is truly a magician who is able to provide clarity and insight on all aspects of my launch.

If you are contemplating launching an online course, you absolutely need Lisa to be your guide – she is clever, insightful, caring and inspiring!

Sarah Thomson

Online Marketing Consultant , Online Social Butterfly

“Lisa has a superpower!”

Lisa can listen to you ramble on for 20 minutes trying your best to explain what’s in your head and then before you can blink, she succinctly rewords everything so well that you find yourself saying, “Yes, that’s what I meant!” and it sounds so damn good that you want to sign up to your own sales page!

Alicia Menkveld

Productivity Coach & Trainer, Savvy In Business

“Clarity and precision”

I’ve  worked with Lisa to create copy for a workshop, two courses and email sequencing. What I love about working with Lisa is she never puts words in my mouth. Instead she listens carefully to my rambling ideas, and she converts with clarity and precision, my own words into sentences more accessible to my audience. I highly recommend Lisa’s work.

Trina Lucas

Medical Medium, Spirit Based Therapies

My Story

My passion in life is words, pure and simple.

Words have the power to shape, connect and move people to achieve amazing things. But the business women I work with come unstuck when it comes to using words to communicate their value, attract clients and sell with sincerity.

And once you get stuck for words, it can quickly nibble away at your confidence, leading to a cycle of self-doubt, comparisonitis and Imposter Syndrome. And that’s where I come in.

I help entrepreneurs get out of their own way to create lasting impact through transformational courses, memberships and online programs.

What may surprise you is that although I’m a trained teacher, sales copywriter and marketer, I struggled to move past the mindset blocks to create my own online course. So, I know to get your course laucnhed you need more than copywriting, you need to move into your flow space where self belief flourishes.

So, what do I believe now and always?

Words can change your world.

And it’s my gift to tune in, listen and find your true message so you can create positive change in the lives of others.


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You have the power to change lives!

Claim your area of expertise, niche with confidence and create the course that’s in your heart.

Calling women in business…

I believe there is a teacher within each of you and in creating an online  course you’re claiming your area of expertise,  finding your niche and building a purpose driven business.

It’s your right to show up and be seen in the online world, regardless of who else is there. Imagine if your course could impact even one life for the better, don’t don’t you owe it to yourself to create this opportunity?